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This blog post I created to help bring awareness of the dangers of plastic pollution is having on the environment and humanity.

My Story

I am passionate about nature and the environment. From the age of 8 years old I used to go on long walks with my family in the countryside. Quite regular on my trips I would consume many edible wild berries which I enjoyed immensely.

These walks in nature inspired me to want to explore all aspects of nature, the plants, the animals and insects. I was so fascinated each time I visited the outdoors and was longing to find out more. I would enjoy visiting the library to read any books about the environment. This new knowledge increased my desire to discover what else there were in the countryside. With patience and sitting quietly in the countryside I soon observed that nature is a hive of activity. Equally, I enjoy being by the ocean and absorbing the many elements, the sights, the natural smells and noises.

Nature has been always a source of inspiration, a place to unwind and relax when distressed.

However, some places I used visit are no longer inspirational. Simply because, they have become dumping places for garbage and plastic. People don’t care enough about nature, Perhaps they think once they get rid of garbage in any way possible and is out of sight, it no longer has anything to do with their life. This attitude is slowly changing as people realised through the media, and news that nature is choking because of plastic pollution, particularly our ocean marine life is being destroyed and contaminated.

In my life I have been involved with different volunteer environmental conservation groups such as,

  • National Wildflower Centre Ltd, in Livepool.They focus on preserving wild flowers through cultivation and educating the public about the environment.
  • Merseyside Bio Bank, Liverpool: Collect and collate biological and environmental information and make it available to people interested in knowing more about their local environment.
  • The National Trust, Mersyside: Regular involvement in environment conservation projects at different National Trust Nature parks around merseyside.
  • Liverpool University- Ness Botanical Gardens, Neston, Wirral: Taking care of plants and also serving customers.

Later on I studied at college environmental conservation and horticulture .Recently I attended the University of Central Lancashire where I attained a BA (Hons) in hospitality management which included subjects such as sustainability and Eco-tourism.

Plastic Pollution is a global problem that needs individuals and nations to respond responsibly

Some of my education and experiences have made me aware of the seriousness of plastic pollution is having on life itself. It is my intention that I can share informative articles that can help people make informed choices so they can live a more sustainable way of life without plastic.

  • This blog will provide information on the latest research and the affective action that are being undertaken to tackle the problems of plastic worldwide.
  • Suggestions will be given on how individuals can use less or no plastic in their daily lives through the use of plastic alternatives.
  • Plus inspirational stories will be shared about individuals and groups of people who have decided to take action in saving and restoring back the environment.

If you ever you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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